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Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/9 03:38
Hello everyone,

I will be traveling to Japan from 5/12/2017 - 6/05/2017 and was wondering what gifts to bring from San Francisco. I work for a hotel and I will be traveling with our employee program and wanted to give some gifts to the front desk staff. I was thinking of bringing some SF Giants keychains or something. I don't know what else to bring. I looked through many websites but all of them are pretty dated so any ideas would be very helpful. Also, since I will be there for almost a month and suggestions on places to see would be nice. I will be staying in Odaiba for 2 weeks, 1 week in Shinjuku, and the rest in Tokyo Bay.

Thanks in advance =)
by R.Singh (guest)  

Re: Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/9 13:29
If you have time to get to Muir Woods gift shop, how about some small redwood boxes or similar?
On the Giants theme - maybe shot classes?
Tcho chocolate (if possible, get the Fair Trade varieties - no child slave labor!). Peets coffee. If you plan to check luggage (so no liquids limit), preserves from Full Belly Farm (or similar local farm treats).
by rkoo rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/9 13:40
Thanks. TCHO chocolates are a great idea. I was thinking of taking Sees originally but then I found out they have a Sees there. I was also thinking of taking Trader Joes chocolate bars with macadamia nuts. Those taste pretty good.
by rsingh rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/10 03:09
Ghirardelli Chocolate for boss or mentor staff, serving position higher than you

Cable Car miniature toy for boss or mentor staff serving position higher than you

Ghirardelli Chocolate chocolate bag for ordinary staff(one piece each)

Twix Cookie Bars for ordinary staff(one piece each)

It's getting hotter in May and June, so if you bring chocolate, you must keep them in fridge just before giving them.
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/10 13:28
I vote for Ghirardelli Chocolate from others' recommendation above!
by Chococo (guest) rate this post as useful

Since you were thinking See's 2017/4/10 15:29
Although you can import See's Candies on-line through Japanese Amazon, shops within Japan no longer exist. See's can still be nice gifts from California. I bought a bunch home from L.A. a couple of years ago.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/10 15:43
Thanks so much Uco for the info. I wouldve never known they closed down. I will definitely bring See's candy. It is my most favorite chocolate and they have a factory near my house where all the chocolates come out perfect.
by rsingh (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts from San Francisco to Japan 2017/4/14 07:28
Sadly, See's doesn't have any fair-trade chocolate items.
by rkoo rate this post as useful

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