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Gifts for hosts while traveling 2017/4/9 23:36
Hi everyone,

I'll be leaving for my 5 week trip in 2 days, but I was hoping to pick up some gifts for hosts (or even new friends) in Japan. I'm travelling fairly light (one backpack), so unfortunately I can't bring anything too large.

Question - is there anything that I can bring from Canada as a good "go to" or general gift? As neither host has had a Canadian over, I was hoping the gift to be perceived as Canadian.

I don't want to ask each host as that may come across as awkward. I'd rather leave them a small thank you note and the gift when I leave. At the moment, I can only think of maple syrup, ice wine and poutine as normally associated with Canada (poutine I would make as a meal).

Is there anything else anyone can think of? Being Canadian, I may be missing something obvious.

by BrandnG (guest)  

Re: Gifts for hosts while traveling 2017/4/10 13:23
Hi! Ifm Japanese.
Maple syrup is really popular for Japanese people, but they could be expensive even bought in Canada and really heavy if you bring a lot.
How about maple sugar or tea (bag), related to maple syrup but not syrup itself.
We can buy Maple syrup at many grocery stores in Japan, but sugar and tea are not as common as syrup. I think you can find small packages of sugar and tea. We, Japanese like small, cute packages (^_^)
by Chococo (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts for hosts while traveling 2017/4/11 07:56
Thanks, Chococo!

I've already purchased a couple small containers of maple syrup, but I was also able to find maple sugar and some really good maple tea too. I'll probably bring one small bottle of ice wine as well - just to cover everything off.

Thanks again!
by BrandnG rate this post as useful

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