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Gifts and colors 2017/4/10 12:38
I would like to know if there's any gift and/or colors that's not supposed to give to a japanese.
Eg; Not to give red cards as it represents funeral notice. (What about other things red?)
by EikoPiko  

Re: Gifts and colors 2017/4/11 10:13
Depends on the occasion and the recipients. What is it you have in mind?

I don't know where that "red" comes from, but that one does not apply to Japan. Black & white is the funeral colors. Red is for happy occasions.

There are some gift-related customs such as not giving a knife at weddings (association with "cutting" relationships), porcelain at weddings (association with "breaking"), not giving a set of "four" pieces of something (association with the word "shi" = four in Japanese, and "shi" can also mean "death", but this is less important nowadays), etc.

by ........ (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Gifts and colors 2017/4/11 10:30
Thanks for replying!

Oh really? I've read somewhere on internet about red cards. So it's not true then?

I'm thinking of knitted red scarf or hats for my japanese friends as birthday gifts.

Is it okay to give chocolate as birthday gift to Japanese? There's no other meaning unless it's on valentines day right?
by EikoPiko rate this post as useful

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