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Cooking in Japan 2017/4/10 22:23
Hi! I will stay in Japan for some weeks and I was thinking about cooking... I am from Italy and in Japan food is completely different, I eat everydays fresh vegetables, but in Japan the prices are terrifying! Any advice for simple dishes or websites? How to buy in a supermarket, I mean the basic foods... thank you very very much!
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Re: Cooking in Japan 2017/4/11 15:13
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Re: Cooking in Japan 2017/4/14 08:52
I feel Japanese vegetable are expensive.
If you want to get low-priced vegetable, you should go direct sales depot of farm.
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Re: Cooking in Japan 2017/4/15 15:46

I totally understand your thoughts on this... My boyfriend and I also had the same experience when moving to Japan from the UK, but we still eat fresh vegetables for dinner every day. You can still continue to eat fresh vegetables without having to pay massive prices. However, it may not be possible to cook some of the regular dishes you would back in Italy :(. My recommendations would be to:

1) Check prices in various stores around your new home, this will help you to determine a baseline of how much things cost.
2) Get creative. Think of how you could substitute out expensive items.
3) Focus on eating cheaper vegetables, some of our favourites are: onions, mushrooms, broccoli, beansprouts, chillis, sweetcorn.
4) Swap out meat/fish for tofu. Tofu is extremely cheap!

Hope that helps a bit!
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Re: Cooking in Japan 2017/4/15 21:06
One website I really like has Japanese recipes in English:

As for the vegetables, a few tips:

-Shop later at night, or right before the store closes. You can often find discounted produce, fish, and meat.

-Shop local: If you can, ask around to see where the locals shop. Some grocery stores are fancier import stores and they will have higher prices.

-Experiment. Some vegetables are cheaper in certain seasons, and sometimes the less familiar or unknown vegetables are cheaper than ones I recognize. When that happens, I try to find out what kind of vegetable it is and how to use it, instead of sticking with the same vegetables I'm familiar with. It's not always successful, but fun to try new things!

Good luck!
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