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Kyoto temples with or without admission fees? 2017/4/11 01:01
With so many temples and so little time, among the top 10 tourist visited temples, which are "worth the price of admission"? Are there some that the interiors are absolutely necessary to experience, whereas others may be observed from the the grounds to see the exterior facades without admission?
by FairDinkum (guest)  

Re: Kyoto temples with or without admission fees? 2017/4/11 15:16
For most, the price of admission /is/ to get on the grounds. In any case, I think what you are looking for is a false economy; consider how much transport to Japan costs, lodging, etc, and you're going to limit your experience to save a couple thousand yen?
by gfoulk rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto temples with or without admission fees? 2017/4/11 18:10
Itfs not about glimiting an experienceh but rather not wasting money on visiting places that arenft worth it. Considering a couple thousand yen is what I pay for a nightfs accommodation, more than a day worth of food or almost two days of transport, temple entry fees really do add up quickly.

However, OP, this is a question thatfs hard to answer because each person has different opinions of these sites.
Personally, I skipped many temples in Kyoto, including the popular Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera, Ryoanji, Toji, etc. But I didnft really care much for going to any of them to begin with so I didnft feel like I was missing out on anything. If youfre going to regret it, pay for it. You donft want to get back home and think gahh, I wish I didnft skip that!h.

I did pay for Sanjusangendo, many others think this is just a hall full of statues and not worth the price, but I really love Kannon so it was a must-see for me. I really liked Gio-ji, Shinnyo-do and Otagi Nenbutsu-ji. I didnft pay for the garden at Heian shrine considering Ifve seen many gardens in Japan, but the grounds are free. My all-time-favourite is Fushimi Inari though and that onefs free!

Others will have different opinions.
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Re: Kyoto temples with or without admission fees? 2017/4/11 19:19
I think you just have to decide for yourself what is worth it and see while you are travelling which temples are on your route. This page has some nice discriptions and pictures to help you choose.

Personally, I wouldn't let people on a forum tell me where to go because I don't know those people and I don't know where or why they have been visiting to begin with. Someone intrested in architecture will visit a different temple than someone interested in a garden for example.

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