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Transport around Sakata 2017/4/11 07:40
I will be staying 1 day in Sakata near the JR Station and would like to visit the Ken Domon Museum and the Honma Art Museum. What is the easiest way to travel to these sites from the train station?
by Vicki Seaman (guest)  

Re: Transport around Sakata 2017/4/11 14:44
Google Maps is your friend; both are within walking distance of the station. If walking is difficult, buses or taxi.
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Transport around Sakata 2017/4/11 17:54
The Honma Museum is close to the station, the Ken Domon Museum is an hour walk.
To get to the Ken Domon Museum you can take the Runrun Bus (るんるんバス) from Sakata Station and get off at “Domon ken kinen-kan” stop (土門拳記念館). It takes 16 minutes. It’s the University Line btw (酒田駅大学線).

This is a map of the bus route:
And the timetable:
Sorry if you can’t see them correctly, they’re the ones I found.
by FancyLampshade rate this post as useful

Re: Transport around Sakata 2017/4/11 19:42
Thank you very much. I can see this information clearly.
by Vicki (guest) rate this post as useful

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