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Help cutting down Hokkaido itinerary 2017/4/11 10:24
This is my itinerary for Hokkaido, but it's too expensive. I have to cut some options, but I'm not sure what to cut. What do you consider the must sees and what would you cut?

1. Hakodate
- Mainly interested in Motomachi

2. Lake Toya
- This can't be cut, I have to go here

3. Sapporo
- Mainly interested in the historical village

4. Biei and Furano
- Mainly interested in the flower fields
- Was interested in Daisetsuza

5. Shiretoko
- Mainly interested in the cape cruise and national park

My friends suggested cutting Shiretoko because it's out of the way from the other places. But I thought I could see stuff at Shiretoko I couldn't see elsewhere. What do you think? Are there other places similar to Shiretoko? I live in Japan, but not close to Hokkaido at all.
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Re: Help cutting down Hokkaido itinerary 2017/4/11 18:08
Does the assessment of expenses include accommodation costs or is the travel itself that's too costly?
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Re: Help cutting down Hokkaido itinerary 2017/4/11 20:24
The cost includes accommodation. Honestly I'm surprised at how cheap some of the hotels are compared to where I usually travel to. But the trains and hotels do add up after a while.

I was interested in the Shiretoko Cape Cruise. It would be exciting to see bears from the boat even though I think it's unlikely.
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Re: Help cutting down Hokkaido itinerary 2017/4/11 20:38
We went to Shiretoko last June and didn't see any bears. However, before that we visited Sahoro Bear Mountain ( which was fabulous.

May I ask what your accommodation costs are? There might be cheaper alternatives.
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