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Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/11 19:31
I will be meeting an acquaintance in Kyoto in about 2 months. She was a maid at the hotel we were staying at a couple of years ago and we have kept in touch, via letters, ever since.
I live in NYC and don't know what to get for her. She is in her mid to upper 50s in age.
Any ideas, beside candy, would be appreciated. Thanks.
by lilien  

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/13 07:57
by Lilien Black (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/13 10:42
It's not a fancy stuff, but how about the tote bag from THE MET store.
I would choose from
MET Classic Logo Black Tote, Amphora Tote or Central park picture ones.
These design tote can be used daily.
by Chococo (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/13 10:50
Well, your from the state and she lives in Japan, so don't by any gift in Japan, it has to come from the state. What to get her, we don't know much about her. Also, please, don't get her anything from a NYC tourist gift shop. I know how about buying her something vintage that was made in NYC. Find what she likes and but some vintage of it, example, she like to take pictures and she owns a camera, buy her a vintage camera.
by Kay (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/13 18:48
Thank you for your replies.
A tote bag would be a great idea. I was also thinking about perhaps a scarf but not entirely sure about that.
If anyone else has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them.
by lilien rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/13 21:32
An easy gift is anything you can buy at your local airport. But how about getting something you like? That's what I usually do when I giving gifts. While it's difficult to figure out the receiver's taste, it's always great to be able to say, "I don't know if you'd like it, but this is my favorite."

Museum shops are also great places to buy gifts from cities. Get a scarf from a museum, if it suits your budget. Simple stationary can also be great if its design is unique. I'm a woman in my mid 50s, and I also love getting city souvenirs from outdoor markets or organic stores. Or get some Easter things, if that's the season you're coming to Japan.

And what does she usually like to do? For example, if she likes music, get her a CD or an instrument depending on which she enjoys. If she cooks, get her some ingredients that are hard to get in Japan. You can get anything in New York!
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/13 22:44
Thanks for the suggestions, Uco. Stationary is an awesome idea.

I really don't know what she likes as we don't know each other that well except for exchanging mail every few months. I do know that she travels with her children (older children) when she can. This week I received a letter from her and she gave me her phone number. Since I really can't speak Japanese and she really can't speak English, I think she gave it to me for when I arrive in Kyoto. Our plan is to take her out to dinner. I also plan to ask her to invite a friend that speaks English so we can communicate a little better. If she does invite a friend, I would feel funny giving her a gift but not the friend. Should I bring something small for the friend also? We do plan on picking up the tab for dinner.
I'm going to take a look a some museum websites and look for scarves right now. I'm in my 50s also and I do adore a nice scarf.

When we do finally meet for dinner, I plan to find out what she likes. I can always send her something else when I get back to NY. She did like a tote bag I sent to her when I went to Disney World in Florida last year.

Thank you for your help.
by lilien rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/14 00:58
If you ask her to invite a friend who speaks English so that you can communicate a little better, that automatically means that you're asking the friend to do free interpreting. And that's fine, but if you make that suggestion before leaving your country, it would be a nice gesture to bring a small gift for the friend too. Bring something small and less valuable for the friend. A pack of sweets would do.

But if you make that suggestion after you arrive to Japan, or if it's her that makes that suggestion, then you have an excuse to not bring the gift for the friend.

Either way, if you exchange mail and she's giving you her phone number, I'm sure she's okay with communicating with you. There are a lot of people who communicate well without knowing the language. Maybe you can just leave it to her to handle the language barrier.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/14 04:48
Thanks again, Uco.
by lilien rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/17 01:36
Hi Again,

I forgot that my acquaintance has a husband which I feel obligated to invite to dinner. Maybe not obligated but it would be the right thing to do.
With the help of you all, I finally found a couple of gifts to bring for her. My question is, what should I bring for him? He's in his 50s also. I would feel funny not giving him anything while I present her with her gifts. Thanks.
by lilien rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/17 01:47
Actually, you should get one big item for the whole family, because I understand she has a grown child as well. Something like exotic food or a box of sweets or even some American instant mix from a supermarket would be nice. I don't think you have to get one special item for each person, unless you actually came up with a great idea you insist on.

Here are some lists of popular souvenirs from NY to Japan.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Ideas on gifts from New York City 2017/4/17 01:54
Thanks for the links. I will look at them now.
I've already ordered a scarf for her from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and got her note cards from Papyrus. (I couldn't decide).
And she does have a son that lives with her. I think he's in his early 20s.
by lilien rate this post as useful

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