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What did I eat? 2017/4/12 01:07
One evening on my recent trip to Japan we went to this restaurant near our hotel in Tokyo that didnft have English menus, only photos. I ordered these square pieces of meat, cooked on the edges and red inside, thinking that it was tuna. When the waiter delivered it, he said something in Japanese which I obviously didnft understand, except for the word gsteakh. It didnft taste anything like tuna (or any other fish, for that matter). I think it may have been horse meat. I took a photo of the receipt, hoping to ask someone later. Itfs one of the first two items, for 590 yen – the other one should be fried chicken.

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Re: What did I eat? 2017/4/12 16:16
Maguro(Tune) Steak

Chicken Caesar Salad
Karaage Fried Chicken
Gyoza dumplings
Water(0 yen)
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Re: What did I eat? 2017/4/12 21:45
The receipt says tuna steak.
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Re: What did I eat? 2017/4/12 22:23
Thanks. I am surprised, as it really didn't taste like tuna to me. I guess it wasn't a prime cut, so to speak.

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