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Kansai trip 2017/4/12 01:24
I will be arriving Osaka by end 28th Nov and leaving on 8th Dec morning from Osaka.
Basically I plan
1 day (overnight) in Kinosaki
30/11-3/12 Kyoto
4/12 Nara
5/12 Kumano
6/12 Koyasan
7-8/12 Osaka
Is this schedule look like too tight?
Kumano and Koyasan is worth to spend a day each?
Or I should spend time on other area.
I prefer steady and relaxing trip.
Thanks in advance for your attention.
by KaFai Leong  

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/13 05:52
Kumano always traps people whom haven't researched it properly. It takes about 4 hours each way to get to it. So you really need an overnight trip minimum for it. If not two or three nights if you wanna do some trails and the two other temples etc.

Unless you have the ability to extend you Kumano leg of your itinerary to an overnighter, I'd omit it and enjoy something else without so much travel.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/13 09:32
Koyasan is another destination best enjoyed with an overnight stay too.
by AK rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/14 01:26
Thanks all
by KaFai Leong rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/14 01:34
Between Koyasan and Kumano, which one is better choice /must see?
by KaFai Leong rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/14 04:28
I cant help you with that but could I suggest that you move Nara to the first night? We have gone a number of times around then and if you get to Nara on 28 November you have a good chance of seeing autumn colours, whereas they usually brown off in the first few days of December once the very cold winds start.

I appreciate that the weather can be fickle, but that has been our experience.

Also bear in mind that Nara and Kyoto can be very, very cold that time of year with quite brisk and icy winds. Take a heavy jacket. It is a really good time to be there, one of my favorites because it isnt so busy.
by Lazy Pious (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/14 06:15
Between Koyasan and Kumano, which one is better choice /must see?

They are two completely different offerings. Only you can really decide on what is must see.

But since you have limited time in Japan with a short 10 day stay. I would pick Koyasan due to the much short travel times required.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/4/17 16:20
Thanks for advise.

I shall rearrange , as below
29/11 Kumano (over 1 night)
30/11 Nara (over 1 night)
1/12-4/12 Kyoto
5/12 Kinosaki (over 1 night)
6-8/12 Osaka

1) As Im not sure the travel time between 1 point to another point, can you advise above itinerary is fine in term of travel time? Hope will not spend too much time on the train from 1 destination to the other, this is tiring .

2) Can you advise the best transportation for above? And traveling time between each point?

3) any hotel recommendation? Looking to experience the local culture and life (any god onsen Ryokan?)

by KaFai Leong rate this post as useful

Re: Kansai trip 2017/5/4 02:04
any accommodation to recommend in Kyoto, Osaka, Kinosaki and Nara, for a budget between USD 50-100/night per room?
Prefer near train station.
Thank You
by KaFai Leong rate this post as useful

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