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What did I drink? 2017/4/12 21:28
I was in Japan one year ago, and I drank a tea or i don't know...It was fizzy and there was 1% alcohol in it. I would like to find it. On the flacon there is a cherry blossom tree maybe. Please help me :)
ps.: I have a picture about it but I can't understand the text on it. :)
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/13 10:20
Can you upload its photo on a free photo sharing site and post a link here?
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/13 12:45
Use this if Google didn't know. (no need log in)
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/13 19:48
If those pictures are of what you drank, then it's whatever beer you drank and that has a special labeling for the sakura season.
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/13 23:30
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/14 12:34
This is.
That is not alcohol, just a carbonated drink/炭酸飲料(tansan inryo)
using famous brand "Nanko ume/南高梅(plum)" as flavor.
(Not "Cherry Blossoms" looks like similar, but...)

This Spring 2017 is label name changed fr 咲(saku: さく/blooming) to only 梅(ume/plum).
2016 : Mitsuya Ume Saku/三ツ矢梅 咲
2017 : Mitsuya Ume/三ツ矢 梅

Mitsuya/三ツ矢 is one of carbonated drink brand of ASAHI SOFT DRINKS CO., LTD/アサヒ飲料(ASAHI inryo).
"ASAHI" is a more famous as big "BEER" company of Japan.
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/18 18:10
The 1% you saw on the label is the fruit juice content.
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Re: What did I drink? 2017/4/19 13:25
As explained, it's a seasonal special version from a famous soda brand.

Mitsuya is a 130-year-old brand known for what we call "saidaa" in Japan, which is a sweetened transparent soda drink. Mitsuya Saidaa to the 20th-century Japanese is like Coke or Root Beer to the 20th-century Americans. You grew up with it.

Late February to early March is the season of ume (plum) blossoming. The flowers aren't edible, but during this season citizens prefer to enjoy anything related to ume, such as preserves made from the fruit that cannot be harvested until summer.

What you drank was something that is supposed to evoke the image of ume juice and the sparkling feeling of blossom celebration. The brownish color probably comes from the fact that a lot of locals have the impression that "ume-shu" (old-fashioned homemade plum wine) is brown.

Written vertically on the right-hand side of the label is the name of the drink 三ツ矢梅咲
三ツ矢 means Mitsuya, which loosely translates to "three arrows", hence its famous logo in the center of the label.
梅 means ume.
咲 (-saku) means the verb "blossom", and "ume-saku" is their made-up name that implies the meaning "Plums BLOSSOM". The fact that the letter 咲 is written larger is probably meant to put the emphasis on the "blossoming" of ume which is one of the first trees to blossom after winter. So it's kind of like evoking the "Spring has come!" feeling.

Then under the flowers it says 梅咲き、香りひらく。(ume saki, kaori hiraku.)
which means "plums blossom, fragrance expand." Unlike cherry blossoms, plum blossoms have a subtle fragrance.

On the very left it says 紀州産南高梅 (Kishuu-san Nankou-bai)
which is known to be the most popular type of edible ume in Japan from the region of Kishuu which is now generally Wakayama Prefecture.

By the way, Asahi Soft Drinks Co. (which is different from the beer company) indeed owns the Mitsuya brand now, but I doubt that most consumers pay attention to that fact. When we see the name and logo of Mitsuya, we think "soda".

It would've been ideal if you drank it seeing scenery like these;
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