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Topic about Japan for seminar course paper 2017/4/13 07:35
Hello guys,

I have a question to everybody here whoLs familiar with writing papers for university.
In fact, I have to inform my lecturer what ILm going to write about in my paper (itLs supposed to be 10-15 pages long) in some days and yet I still donLt know what I should write about. There are some specifications for that Course, so the Topic for the paper must have something to do with these two big topics:

- Social diversity in Japan
- Media (it doesnLt have to be Japanese media)

It appears like the lecturer wants the papers to be very specific, so it would even be enough to discuss a certain movie or novel in our paper (itLs just that ILm not very skilled at being that specific)...
But since I love Japanese fashion subcultures and music I thought ILd do something with that. Last Semester I wrote a paper about hosts which was very interesting as well, but this time I want something slightly different. I want it to be somehow unconventional, but on the other hand, thereLs not much reliable, scientifical material regarding Topics like decora, shironuri or mori kei fashion.

Have you guys got any ideas? ILd appreciate your advice :).
by Juli (guest)  

Re: Topic about Japan for seminar course paper 2017/4/13 12:03
If you are interest in fashion, here are some suggestions you may or may not like. Take your pick:

Japanese Street Fashion -- current fashion style that mixes both local and foreign labels
The transition of traditional clothing to more western clothing around WWII -- personally, I find this transition fascinating, but I don't know what kind of research you could figure out on it.
Kimono -- most people in the US don't know there are different types of kimonos and that even men wear them. Might be interesting to talk about the different pieces, functions, layers, and traditions surrounding them. This might be the easiest subject to find actual resources on.

Good luck with the paper!
by Heather (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Topic about Japan for seminar course paper 2017/4/19 17:27
Well, unless your paper involves a trip to Japan for research, you're probably best off searching jstor (or wherever) for a topic with enough academic papers to read and write about.
by Harimogura rate this post as useful

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