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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you!

Hakone freepass and additional day pass 2017/4/13 14:22
We are travelling from shinjuku to Hakone.

We are planning to stay 4-5 days because of 3 young kids.

I read about Hakone freepass and the validity max is 3 days.

Appreciate any advise how and what other pass we should get to use on the 4th day and 5th day. 5th day being the day we will be heading back Haneda airport in the late afternoon.
by 7DC7  

Re: Hakone freepass and additional day pass 2017/4/14 06:24
5 days in Hakone is overkill.

If you did what passes for 5 days. You could just get a 3 and 2 days pass. Equaling 5 days. But have a look at you own itinerary, you may not need a pass on the first and last days of your 5 days. Since you are arriving and departing those days. MAybe just single tickets are required.
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Re: Hakone freepass and additional day pass 2017/4/14 16:35
Thank you for your useful advise. Will take note.

Just as we thought, the 1st and last day will be arriving and departing. Travelling with 3 young children age 1-6 years old, can't plan too many in one day, need to spread what takes 1 day to finish activities over 3 days for the sightseeing loop course.

Briefly what we planning
Day 1: getting to Hakone from Tokyo.
Day 5 getting to Haneda airport from Hakone

It will be appreciated if you and anyone could share your thoughts on how to plan for day 2 to day 4 if we want to cover the following:

1 day for gotemba area and shopping.
2 days for hakone round course
= open air museum
= hakone cedar avenue
= old tokaido highway (stone paved road)
= lake Ashi
= owakudani volcano

If we are going with your advise to get single ticket for 1st and last day, how does it work? Could you correct my understanding below:
1) On the 1st day: pay for single ticket train fare at Shinjuku station to board train to hakone yumoto station?
2) purchase the 3 days H-Freepass upon arriving hakone yumoto station on 1st day for 2nd to 4th day commute?
3) 5th day pay single ticket to airport?

Thank you very much.
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