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Hakone area to Haneda 2017/4/13 14:24


Has anyone travel to Haneda airport from Hakone area?

I read from Hakone website, it shows going to shinjuku then taking limousine bus to Haneda airport.

Appreciate you could share with me if there are better ways.

Thank you.
by 7DC7  

Re: Hakone area to Haneda 2017/4/13 20:55
Hakone Yumoto airliner bus is also available with limited lines.
Hakone Yumoto station(13:00 or 16:30) - Haneda International Terminal(15:07 or 18:37)
fare: 1,950 Yen(adult)
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Hakone area to Haneda 2017/4/13 22:26

You are asking the same question on a few threads. Please stay on one :)
by AK rate this post as useful

Re: Hakone area to Haneda 2017/4/14 17:18
Thank you Tokyo friend 48 for the hakone yumoto airliner information sharing.
Will consider as our departing flight from Haneda airport is at 23.59. The 16.30 timing suit us with 3 young kids age 1-6 can take nap on the bus too.
Here are the things not found from the link and I'm not sure about. Please advise me.
1) where to buy the ticket?
2) need advance reservations?
3) price for children 1, 3 and 6 years old?
4) toilet on the bus? (in case but kids will be on diapers)
5) how is the traffic generally for this route, yumoto to Haneda airport?

Thank you for your advise.
by 7DC7 rate this post as useful

Re: Hakone area to Haneda 2017/4/14 17:32
Hi AK,

Noted. My apology for duplicating. I thought I have dedeted my original post (many different topics in one tread) before creating new thread with one topic to one.

Didn't realise I was only deleting the one at my bookmark section only.

Thank you for your reply☺️
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