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Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/16 22:06
Where is the nearest ta-q-bin office/convenience store from namba oriental hotel Osaka? I need to send luggage to Tokyo.
by Vince (guest)  

Re: Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/17 11:52
The nearest one is the FamilyMart which is a bit to the north, but usually hotels can take care of that too.
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/17 12:20
I visited family marts around the area and unfortunately they don't do ta-q-bin. Thanks for the hotel tip! Spoke to front desk already.
by Vince (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/17 13:22
Do not take me for a fool, the FamilyMart at Sennichimae 2-8-1 definitely does.
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/17 13:37
Oh, I take that back, I missed the fine print: 一部、持込発送出来ない店舗があります。 Well that makes it pretty useless if the site doesn't tell you which ones accept parcels and which don't...

Anyway, then you can go to the Takkyubin Center here:

It is closed on Sundays and holidays however; the one at the OCAT bus terminal a bit further away is open every day:
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/17 14:30
by ken (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ta-q-bin in namba Osaka 2017/4/17 19:45
stayed at the Namba Oriental many times and they had no problem sending luggage for me..
by ken (guest) rate this post as useful

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