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Hirosaki Cherry full bloom date 2017/4/17 08:00
Above forecast on 14Apr stated full bloom start 26-28Apr for 3 location however below stated different date : (24Apr full and 27Apr start to drop)

Which date is more accurate and IF I visit on 29Apr is there anything left to see ?

Can anyone advice.
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Re: Hirosaki Cherry full bloom date 2017/4/17 20:18
I would have expected late April. Early foresacts were for the season to be early, but cooler weather at the start of April delayed things. When I was there last year I was slightly early, but other factors (like wind) also affect the blossom dates. You get what is there, and the park is nice anyway.
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Re: Hirosaki Cherry full bloom date 2017/4/18 10:44
Guess you can see.
See the tweets fr some days before.
OO : Hirosaki
J : mankani (full blooming)
Also don't forget check the weather forcast.
Next 7 days fr today, may not enough warm temp for blooming.

If thinking by Shinkansen Hayabusa(all reserved seat cars) fr Tokyo,
already some trains in the morning(before 12:00) are full.
Hoever, even with a full booked train,
if you got "standing ticket/ȓ}(tachi-seki tokkyu-ken)", you can not sit down but you can take.
But basically for getting own seat(s), even Rail Pass holders must book a "reserved seat ticket" in advance.
If you are lucky, you may be able to get reserved seat ticket(s) fr Sendai. (If this week)
(standing ticket is no sales online)
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Re: Hirosaki Cherry full bloom date 2017/4/18 11:00
Thank you Zan. The link provided is in Japanese which I can't understand. However looks like I am still able to see something ? I had booked the seat at 8:20am. What do you think of Kakunodate ? (It seems it is still later than Hirosaki ? ) If to choose between the two which one should I take ? Your advice please.
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