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Hakone freepass return trip 2017/4/17 11:44
May I confirm I have read about Hakone freepass correctly.

It was stated this 3 days pass cover return trip between Shinjuku and Hakone on romancecar with top up amount for reserved seat.

However I also read the return trip using this pass CANNOT be on the same route. Is this true? If so, how does one travel from Hakone to Shinjuku using freepass?

Eg I'm travelling from Shinjuku to Hakone yumoto on Saturday morning, staying at Gora for 3 days and returning on Monday late afternoon to Shinjuku.
1st day: Shinjuku to Hakone yumoto to gora.
3rd day: Gora back to Shinjuku
Can I use this freepass for the same route and station to travel back to Shinjuku?
by 7DC7  

Re: Hakone freepass return trip 2017/4/17 14:26
I think you might be confusing the "Hakone Free Pass" and "Fuji Hakone Pass."

Hakone Free Pass (the Shinjuku version) includes the rides on Odakyu train (but if you want to take the Romance car you need to pay the top up), both going and returning.

Fuji Hakone Pass requires you to use Odakyu railway (Hakone area) one way, and use bus the other way (Kawaguchi-ko area).

So for your itinerary, it sounds like you'd want toe Hakone Free Pass.
by AK rate this post as useful

Re: Hakone freepass return trip 2017/4/18 01:43
Bingo AK. You are right about my confusion with the 2 different types.
Thank you for clearing out my confusion.

by 7DC7 rate this post as useful

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