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Is this translation alright? 2017/4/17 16:31
Yesterday, a young person went to the Ueno park to see cherry blossoming.
After that, he walked from Ueno Station to Akihabara station to buy ice-cream from a famous stall.
The ice cream was very delicious, but expensive.


I'm just practising. Is it alright? Thank you.
by Black Joker  

Re: Is this translation alright? 2017/4/18 12:30

- I added "aru" to "wakai hito" to give the meaning of "a (certain) young person," because in Japanese just saying "wakai hito" might sound general ("young people") or might raise the question among the listener about who it is.
- I would say "hanami NI" or "hanami wo shi NI" (for the "purpose" of seeing cherry blossoms).

Fine. You can say 上野駅 and 秋葉原駅 without the "no" for station names.


If you want to say "at a famouss shop in Akihabara, that is.

Or was buying some ice cream from that famous shop the purpose/reason of going there? If so, and if you want to string up those two sentences, you can say:


- "THAT ice cream" would be "sono."
- i-adjectives like "takai" has a past form (ta-form), "takakatta".
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