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Getting to tokyo from narita after 9pm 2017/4/17 18:39

Our flight is scheduled to arrive at narita at 20:35 and as i saw, last express train to tokyo is at 21:46. It is our first time in japan.
Is it adviseable to pre-order tickets for last train or consider getting by bus?
by Eran gal (guest)  

Re: Getting to tokyo from narita after 9pm 2017/4/18 12:53
If yr flight arr on time you can take that last EXP.
Dep 21:46(T2,w/T3) is NOT "last", that is JR-East's EXP "N'EX".
You can take Keisei Railways EXP "SkyLiner" for Keisei-Ueno.

If would like to go to JR Tokyo stn, get off at Keisei-Nippori,
then take JR Yamanote(Outer Track) or KeihinTohoku line fr Nippori(JR) stn via transfering ticket gate .
JR Yamanote and KeihinTohoku line is regular commuter train no reserved seat car.

Bus is cheper than EXP.
by Cetton (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Getting to tokyo from narita after 9pm 2017/4/18 13:39
Thank you
by Eran gal (guest) rate this post as useful

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