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Yakushima morning jingle 2017/4/17 20:17
Every morning while staying in Anbo I was woken up by this jingle 6 AM.

What is the purpose? To wake people up? Didn't really need an alarm clock for the whole visit but sleeping in was quite impossible...

Also, I remember at the afternoon there was a voice, I think telling he was the mayor or something of Yakushima, speaking of various stuff. I have no clue what but one day the owner of the guesthouse told me they had announced delayes and cancellations in flight traffic. Could that have come through the loudspeakers?
by Jonny (guest)  

Re: Yakushima morning jingle 2017/4/18 17:40
That is NOT for wake up, just doing a test of disaster prevention system
as announcement of time/time signal(calling 時報/jihou) for 6:00 o'clock.
Yakushima is surrounded by sea already you know,
so happend ferry/flight operating canceled by bad sea and wind condition a lot.
also rainy and tyhoon season will be bad weather a lot everyday tests is required.
Other times also using for testing everyday as announcement of time.

I heard from some friends who living in another region's sea side large town,
public speaker tests are doing only once on every weekend noon like this.
(for time signal by chyme or music and not both types)

Basically, inevening public annoucement with music a lot of small towns long years.
We(most Japanese)'re thinking that is one of
"sign/evidence of country side/rural area" as common sense of Japan mostly.
(but some urban cities also playing every evening even in mid Tokyo)

And in small/rural town's pubic important announcements
by town speakers is the fastest usual, very convenient as infomation spreading system.

However, sometimes "not smart" for temporary visitors/travelers we know :)
Yakushima some years ago was playing every night at 21:00,too. (now cannceled)
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