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Kyoto stamp cutting (Hanko) 2017/4/18 21:05
So i will be in kyoto for 3 more nights.
Does anyone know of a place to get Hanko engraved.

I ideally would like the stamp to be of stone like the chinese seals.

Is round the only option or is square possible?

I need 5 identical hankos made and need it done before i head to mount koya. Does anyone know how much this could cost.

Please include a location on google map if you can.

by Shintai  

Re: Kyoto stamp cutting (Hanko) 2017/4/20 17:29
There should be no identical Hankos(Inkans) on the earth. They are used for securities. Do not ask to make identical Inkans at the shop.

I have googled with Έ (stone) and p (square) and got this.

The starting price is 6700 yen for one letter. I could not find any information on the needed time to make.

Here is the location of this shop.
by Luisjp rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto stamp cutting (Hanko) 2017/4/23 00:36
i know it is off topic, but how do you learn to read those things? They seem to look very different from normal kanjis
by Kenshiro (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto stamp cutting (Hanko) 2017/4/23 14:50
It seems there are five styles in kanjis. Upper is older.

⽏ Tensho
ꏑ Reisho
s Gyosho

We usually learn only Kaisho. Some learn up to Gyosho or Sosho in a calligraphy class, Shodo. But, some hanko uses Tensho or Reisho. I suppose most do not try to read such hanko letters, rather just recognize them as a pattern.
by Luisjp rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto stamp cutting (Hanko) 2017/4/24 02:57
Thank you very much for your answer, i always thought if i had a bigger appartment i would use calligrapy or a blackboard to better remember japanese or kanjis, interesting to learn that there are specific calligraphy styles.
by Kenshiro (guest) rate this post as useful

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