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Hokkaido Bus Pass - more info 2017/4/19 13:40
Anyone used this Hokkaido bus pass? There are 3-day and 5-day unlimited use passes.

It appears to be a pass for highway buses, and possibly also Sapporo city buses (??? Unclear from web site).

Several new bus routes were added on April 2017, but they do not show the timetables for those newly included routes, so if anyone knows where to find them, it would be useful.
by rkoo  

Re: Hokkaido Bus Pass - more info 2017/4/20 16:19
See the notices in the pdf files, such as "Downtown Sapporo: The pass is valid for the 210-yen and 240-yen zones of Chuo, JR, and Jotetsu buses, and for all zones of Bankei Bus."

But, better to ask the details through the form.

It seems this bus pass has been run by Chuo, JR, Jotetsu, Bankei, Hokuto and Donan Bus companies. Lake Shikotsu (Chitose) and Takino Suzuran Park (Sapporo) by Chuo Bus.

Lake Shikotsu (Chitose)
(From Shikotsu):
(From Chitose):
(Full route): 空4 at the bottom at page 1;

Takino Suzuran Park (Sapporo)
(From Park):
(From Sapporo):
(From Makomanai):
(From Fukuzumi):

And now Dohoku bus appears to take part in. Blue Pond (Biei Shirogane Spring) line is only by Dohoku Bus. Sounkyo Hot Spring(Taisetsu) is covered by some companies, but include Dohoku Bus.

Sounkyo Hot Spring(Taisetsu)

Blue Pond (Biei Shirogane Spring)
#39, 40, 42 at the middle right (for weekdays);
(for holidays);
by Luisjp rate this post as useful

Re: Hokkaido Bus Pass - more info 2017/4/20 16:26
by Luisjp rate this post as useful

Re: Hokkaido Bus Pass - more info 2017/4/21 10:48
Thank you for the bus timetable links. It is also useful to see the regular fares, to see if the pass will be a good price.
by rkoo rate this post as useful

Re: Hokkaido Bus Pass - more info 2017/4/21 16:39
Have you checked the links carefully?

Lake Shikotsu:
Already shown in
But, confirmed with
930 yen: Chitose
1000 yen: Minami-Chitose
1030 yen: CTS

Takino Suzuran Park
Already shown in
But, confirmed by
440 yen: Makomanai Station
630 yen: Sapporo Terminal
620 yen: Fukuzumi Station

Already shown in
But, confirmed with
870 yen: Kamikawa
2100 yen: Asahikawa

Blue Pond:
Ok, there is no information in my posts above. But I am not sure the nearest bus stop for Blue Pond. Based on this article,
that should be Fudo no Taki.
540 yen: Fudo no Taki - Biei by #39 Shirogane Line
1090 yen: Fudo no Taki - Asahikawa by #39 Shirogane Line
570 yen Biei - Asahikawa by #40 Biei Line
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Re: Hokkaido Bus Pass - more info 2017/4/23 12:32
Thanks for the extra detail!
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