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Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 13:00
Hey, I've read some articles on Jiyugaoka. Many suggest that it is a good place to stop by as they offer myraid of dessert cafes, shops and beautiful landscape(imitation of Venice ,etc). However, I would like if the shops over there sell men clothing as well?
by Black Joker  

Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 14:44
Rather few, but some.

If I use the shop locations of UNITED ARROWS, BEAMS, SHIPS, and JOURNAL STANDARD relume, Jiyugaoka comes after Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Ebisu, Yurakucho, Shinjuku, Omotesando, Nihonbashi, Marunouchi, Ikebukuro, Futakotamagawa, Daikanyama, Roppongi, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Toyosu, Kitasenju, Oshiage, Odaiba, Kichijoji, Takanawa, and Nakano.
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Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 15:14
I think Jiyugaoka is a feminine favorite town.
Because there are many interior shops, sundry shops,cafe.
It is not suitable for men to buy clothes.
by haro1210 rate this post as useful

Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 21:58
I'm a woman and I have the impression that Jiyugaoka is more about knick knacks when it comes to shopping.

Jiyugaoka does have the usual Uniqlo and Muji branches that sell both men and women's clothes, as well as American brands like Eddie Bauer, but apart from that I don't really buy my own clothes from independent shops there because they don't suit my style.

I know a lot of men who enjoy strolling around Jiyugaoka. It's a cozy place to walk/bike around, especially at this time of the year. It's also a nice place to buy men's clothes if you happen to be passing by. But if you live very far from Jiyugaoka and know better places to shop, it's not an area to go just to buy clothes.

I wonder how old you are and what type of clothing you're looking for. I know younger men who'd bother to travel far to Shimokitazawa for second-hand men's clothing rather than Jiyugaoka.

By the way, shopping/cafe areas in Jiyugaoka are sort of scattered in all directions. Use your map to do your homework before going toward the wrong way.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 22:12
Thanks for your reply. I'm in my twenties and I live in Kamata area. I have started working in Tokyo for less than a month and have not travelled around much(other than Ueno Park, Sensoji,...), thus I'm looking for places to visit and explore.
by Black Joker rate this post as useful

Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 23:21
Oh, Kamata is practically in the same "hang-out" area as Jiyugaoka. You should visit the town anyway. You'll enjoy your train ride on the Tamagawa Line, and you can even try to walk from/to Tamagawa River. You'll love the elegant houses in Denenchofu. In Jiyugaoka, I recommend you visit both the Rue Marie Claire (Marie Claire Dori) and the Jiyugaoka Department Store (Jiyugaoka Depaato) which are quite the two opposites. And mind you, it's not the department store you'll expect ;)
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Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/20 23:25
Whoops, I meant the street parallel to Rue Marie Claire with the cherry blossom trees. Rue Marie Claire is nice too, but the other street is better when walking on that side of the station.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/21 07:21
I'm a lover of Jiyugoaka, but then I'm a woman!! Inclined to agree it might be a women's shopping area. Even when it's busy I like the pace and accessibility of the shopping. For guys, there is Gap, and Next both carrying clothes for both sexes. On a fine day it is nice to sit outside on the seating near Muji or outside with a coffee at Excelsior and people watch. Might not be like Shibuya, but certainly worth a visit and not far from Kamata.
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Re: Shops around jiyugaoka 2017/4/25 14:20
Thanks to this thread. now i know where to go when i also visit Jiyugaoka.
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