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cherry blossom forecast for next year,2018 2017/4/21 09:48
The actual date of cherry blossom forecast 2018 for the whole Japan
by Juriana Binti Abdul Rauf (guest)  

Re: cherry blossom forecast for next year,2018 2017/4/21 16:49
Well, I checked my crystal ball and the date for kaika for Tokyo is... just kidding.

Sorry dude, there's absolutely no way to know at this point. Cherry blossoms are very weather-dependant, so you wont know until next year. They'll bloom somewhere in Japan sometime in April... that's about the best you can get right now.
by scarreddragon (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: cherry blossom forecast for next year,2018 2017/4/21 17:28
Blossom time (depending on what you are after) is mainly late March through April. I like the plum blossom for its colour in February and March, and right now (21st April) I am enjoying full bloom in Nagano prefecture - without including any northern locations. I spend two months following (chasing) the blossom across Japan for my guests and they are not disappointed, so worry less about a specific date and mor about when and where you want to go.
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Re: cherry blossom forecast for next year,2018 2017/4/22 03:27
As others have said there is no way to know. The early forecasts normally appear about the end of January. If you say the second week in April in central Japan you will not be far off in a normal year.
by Stan Norrell rate this post as useful

Re: cherry blossom forecast for next year,2018 2017/4/22 04:52
Seriously- cherry blossom is nice, but it's not worth worrying about too much.
Have a look at typical patterns, realise that the blossom travels south to north, plan a great holiday (which will probably involve a fair bit of travel in any case), and hope you see some blossom without pinning all your hopes on it.
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