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Day trip Sapporo-Shiraoi: activities 2017/4/21 12:10
We would like to see the Ainu Museum in Shiraoi. JR Hokkaido has a very good deal on round-trip train from Sapporo (3560 round trip, instead of about 3000 each way), but must use only the Suzuran Ltd. Expr. train. One train will get us to Shiraoi around 8.30, and the next Suzuran will not arrive until 12.30. The museum hours are 8.30-17.00. Are there other things to do in the area that are easy to get to without a car? Is it pleasant place to just walk around? Can we spend much of the day in the museum?
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Re: Day trip Sapporo-Shiraoi: activities 2017/4/21 15:40
I absolutely loved the Ainu museum, but even so I think a full day would be too much. Just the afternoon would probably be a perfect amount of time. Sadly Ainu culture is dying, so the whole museum/village isn't very big. (And there isn't a full service restaurant, just small snacks and drinks)
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Re: Day trip Sapporo-Shiraoi: activities 2017/4/21 18:14
i have the same issue as you....train service is quite infrequent. I am sort of planning to take the 7:30 LE Suzuran that gets in a 8:30 or so - the museum opens at 8:45. Then there is a local train at 12:49 that arrives back in Sapporo at 14:30. I emailed JR Hokkaido and they said the special ticket can be used on the local train. So that is a bit less time than waiting for the LE Suzuran at 2:30.....
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