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Nikko Trip Check 2017/4/21 12:31
Hi there! Just want a quick itinerary check.

I arrive in Tokyo early morning, duck to Asakusa to get the Nikko City Area Pass and head to Nikko (arrival 11-12am at the latest). Drop my stuff at the hotel and head to

Toshogu Shrine, Taiyuinbyo, Rinnoji, Futarasan, Shinkyo Bridge, Akechidara Ropeway, Chuzenji Temple, Kegon Waterfall, Lake Chuzenjiko, Ashikaga Flower Park (for late night flower viewing)

Next morning is strawberry picking before heading back to Tokyo.

Is this doable? I realised it may be rushed but that's okay (and preferable - I'm arriving on a night bus and the longer I sit/go slow the more tired I'll get haha). From my understanding the pass can be used for two days and will cover the journey to Nikko and back (provided I use the correct train line) and will cover most transport on the first day. Is this correct?

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
by Midori Hime 77  

Re: Nikko Trip Check 2017/4/22 00:28
I did something similar just three weeks ago. Arrived in Nikko from Tokyo probably around 11, dropped the luggage at the hotel, then took the bus to Shinkyo Bridge. Had lunch near there, figuring that it might not be possible later on. I had planned to visit Toshogu, Taiyuinbyo, Rinnoji and Futarasan in the afternoon, but ended up only having time for Toshogu. You will have to really rush if you want to see all four temples - and forget about going up to the lake on the same day. I don't think that is feasible.

On the following day I took the bus to the Akechidara Ropeway, and then to Lake Chuzenjiko and Kegon Waterfall. It's not very far but it's a winding road, so the bus can't go very fast - it probably takes the best part of an hour to get from Nikko to Chuzenjiko.

I had a JR Pass, so I didn't have to worry about the trains to get to Nikko. In Nikko I bought a 2-day bus pass which is good for all local buses, including up to the lake. The regular price is 2000 Yen (which is less than a return ticket to the lake costs) but if you are staying overnight in Nikko and can produce a hotel reservation, there is a 50% discount.
by mafepero rate this post as useful

Re: Nikko Trip Check 2017/5/1 21:50
Hi there,

Thanks for your response! Helped me not be as stressed about not fitting everything in

The bus pass you spoke about wasn't worth it for me due to not having a JR Pass. I arrived at 2pm after lunch today and managed to make it to all the temples bar Rinnoji. Wasn't really feel up to flower viewing (night bus is a killer!) so I might head over to that tomorrow.

Hope your travels went well!
by Midori Hime 77 rate this post as useful

Re: Nikko Trip Check 2017/5/2 00:23
Glad to hear that your Nikko trip is going well. In hindsight I wish I had paid closer attention to the time and rushed a bit more the visit to Toshogu, so that I could have seen at least one of the other temples. Oh well.

My 16-day trip went very well, thanks. Aside from two 24-hour stop-overs in Tokyo years ago, it was my first time in Japan - but certainly won't be the last!

by mafepero rate this post as useful

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