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Kirishima-yaku in December? 2017/4/22 15:38
I would like to visit Kirishima-yaku national park and climb mountains in December however I am concerned that I will be disappointed given that it is Winter and snow/ice may prevent the mountains from being hiked as well as the view being blocked by overcast (cloudy) weather.

My main desire is to see Mt. Shinmoedake however I am aware that it is off-limits and I was hoping to observe the mountain from the peak of Mt. Karakunidake but I fear that cloudy weather will make this impossible and therefore I do not want to waste precious time travelling here if that is the case.
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Re: Kirishima-yaku in December? 2017/4/25 16:28
Kirishima belongs to Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park. Yakushima National Park is another one.

The 30-year statistics says December is a month of sunny days.
Kumamoto City: http://www.benricho.org/weather_ratio/43_12.html
Miyazaki City: http://www.benricho.org/weather_ratio/45_12.html
Kagoshima City: http://www.benricho.org/weather_ratio/46_12.html
Naha City: http://www.benricho.org/weather_ratio/47_1_12.html

A bit less than 30% recorded snow on the ground at Mt. Karakunidake in December. December is the fourth most popular month after May, March, and November.

Mt. Kaimondake is also popular in December, after May, March, and April. More than 90% recorded no snow on the ground here in December.

Mt. Miyanouradake on Yakushima Island is not so popular in December.
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