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super-cheap mvno 2017/4/23 10:51
Hi guys!
Basically, I almost never use my keitai - I doubt I make more than one call a month, and that's usually for example when I'm at the supermarket and I need to check with my wife if she needs anything, or the very occasional sms to a mate saying where we should meet up.
At the mo' I'm on a super-cheap au family plan (I pay around Y270/month), which is fine. But that plan is being scrapped from next year and the monthly charge will increase to around Y1,000/month, which I'm not prepared to pay for the amount of usage I make of my keitai.
My wife tells me I should keep locked in and then change next year just before the new pricing comes into effect. However, that's in the middle of our contract, which means I would then I have to pay the Y10,000 or so cancellation fee, which would totally defeat the savings from keeping the cheap plan until then.
So I am thinking of moving at the end of next month when our current au contract expires to a super-cheap mvno.
The cheapest I can find is Y299/month data plan with freetel. It only gives 100mb/month and is data-only, but it seems for my usage, that's the best option. Any time I need to contact anybody, I can just use skype or line to call them, and use gmail instead of sms.
Does this make sense? Does anybody know of any other cheap(er) alternatives (apart from just using the nearest payphone!!)?
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Re: super-cheap mvno 2017/4/24 05:46
0 SIM from nuro mobile data access is free while the data usage is less than 500 MB/Month.
You need a sim free smartphone and Japanese issued credit card to join the membership.
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