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Geisha Question? 2005/4/8 15:12
Hi! I'm a thirdteen year old that really really want to become a geisha, but there is a problem, I live in U.S.A. It would truly break my heart if the answer is no. Also how old do you have to be and can you become a geisha if your non-Japanese like me? What are the reckirements?Also is their an Okiya in U.S.A.,If there is
where? Sorry, sorry that I am asking way to much questions, but if you were polite enough to ask the 5 questions. Hundred Thank Yous!!!!! Thank You!!!!!
by April  

geisha 2005/4/11 03:51
i dont think that there is an age limit. i think you will just have to look around an search for someone to teach you. i dont think that you would every be able to become a professional geisha as it is a traditional japanese entertainment style but im sure you can learn....hope it helps
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Live your dream 2006/3/6 14:55
Go right ahead. I became a Giesha at the age of 14. Im now 21 and i work at Hiroshima's school of Giesha History.
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I am searching too 2006/5/5 14:07
I have also been looking for a giesha school in the united states. Is hiroshima's school of geisha history in the US?
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. 2006/5/5 15:02
As you hear by the name..it is not in the us, it is in Hiroshima...
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hahaha 2006/6/18 12:10
Ok fact check thers a very ver very SMALL percentage of japanese people that are geisha...besides that to be geisha you have to know japanese to be able to work in japan...also most of them work at bars where you also have to be able to do musical instruments which is something you cant just pick up esp since its japans instruments not american so sorry your DREAM aint going to happen hahahah
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AWSOME 2006/6/19 13:41
Hey guess what i wanna be a geisha also ive been doing A LOT of research and the answer before mine is just sayin bull cuz this one woman and i cant remember her name but she was an american and she became a real geisha but she had to go to an okiya in japan so if u are willing to go to japan and learn to be a geisha go for it i mite be there also!!! : )
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Well... 2006/6/20 19:20
My grandmother was training to be a geisha when she was young. Training would start whenyou are very young, so if you're older than ten, it's probably too late. Training also takes years of work and you must be fluent in Japanese. I'm not trying to be a dream-crusher, but realistically, at 12 years old you can't get very far in USA. Sorry...
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^not true^ 2006/7/9 06:49
in the olden days geisha started young to train but nowafays they start in their late teens your grandma was prolly training in the olden days when they started young but now they start at 16 just like Liza Dalby she started when she was 16 so maybe when you graduate at 18 you could star training if u go straight to Japan after Graduation, and learn it Very fluetnly before you go so get a Japanese tutor girl!
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or... 2006/7/9 06:50
you could take special classes in the afternoon like my cousin and graduate when ur 17
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geisha 2006/7/27 13:50
I was wondering if it is possible to be an american geisha if I moved to japan after I learn to speak japanese cause i've been learning japanese language a long time now.
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There's another thread 2006/7/27 14:49
called Can NonJapanese become Geisha, where this was just covered. The general consensus is no.

And Liza Dalby (the "American Geisha") everyone keeps citing was never an actual geisha, never officially associated with a teahouse, and was a writer and a sociologist. Even to do what she did, though, she had to be fluent in Japanese and have her gei (in her case she'd been studying shamisen for years). The cover of her book where it says she's the only American to become a geisha is very misleading.

Anyway, I gave advice on the other thread I'll repeat here. Learn Japanese. Learn Japanese arts. Another poster suggested come to Kyoto where you can wear kimono and learn tea ceremony. All these things are great, but you will not be able to become a geisha, but honestly, you can do many geisha things without becoming one.
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GIESHA??!! 2006/7/27 18:31
I'm pretty sceptical of the reply by Lisa who said she became a geisha at the age of 14, unless she is Japanese of course.

Why would someone who has been a geisha for 7 years misspell geisha as "giesha"?!
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am the one that wan to be geisha 2006/8/11 14:53
i want to know how to be geisha,,i think but it's too late for me am 20 and am not japanese.. i really interested in geisha life and janese cultures.
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.. 2006/8/11 17:32
My advice is to come to Japan, learn Japanese, go to schools where you can learn shamisen, koto, Japanese-stle singing, and how to put on a kimono. I'm afraid you can never be a real geisha, but you can learn some of their arts.
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.....and then.... 2006/8/21 12:48
if i go to japan and where i can find the school for geisha and how i go to start there??
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... 2006/8/21 13:46
When I mentioned those schools I meant classes for ordinary people, those are hobbies for plenty of non-geisha in Japan, most cities have a community centre teaching that kind of art- you would need to speak and understand Japanese quite well first.

Actual geisha training is out of the question if you are not a young teenage Japanese girl from particular families.
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I want to be a geisha as well 2007/4/10 07:31
I play instruments an I'm academically gifted and I'm 14 years old and create art and enjoy painting. To be a geisha might be one of the few dream jobs I want to make a reality. As you might would guess I'm into fashion and I'm usally considered a very lady like person. PLEASE if anyone could help me get into a okiya in Japan I would be most greatful. For my family is not poor but yet we are not millionaires either. So follow your dreams to become whatever it is you wish to do.
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becoming a geisha 2007/8/24 13:54
I'll end this debate once and for all. Yes, there is avery low possibility of anyone becoming a geisha if they are not japanese. No there is no geisha places in america. Yes, you can become a geisha if you try really hard. No you do not need to be three or five when you begin your training. Kyoto geisha start beetween 15 and 17. Tokyo geisha must be 18. Also liza dalby wrote her book when she wasin COLLEGE meanig she was over 18. If you have any further questions please contact me.
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for those who are too late! 2007/8/24 15:40
If you are either too late to become a geisha or just aren't able to, don't worry.
You still may not be able to become a true geisha, but in the Gion district they give lessons on geisha traditions. Maybe perhaps not just Gion, but other places in Japan too?
I say this because a friend of mine, Tomomi, lives in Kyoto and was too old to become a geisha (or she simply didn't want to) so now she takes classes that teach her the geisha arts of dancing and she is allowed to perform (though SHE pays, not the audience). She dresses like a Maiko when she performs and looks like a doll. If you want more information and are interested, I can ask her.
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