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WiFi modem rental - Kansai 2017/4/24 14:01
Hi all. I am travelling to the kansai area in about a week. I am interested in renting a mobile wifi router for my partner and I to use to access the internet while we are out and about (eg google maps)

There appears to be lots of options so I was wondering if anyone had and recommendations?
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Re: WiFi modem rental - Kansai 2017/4/24 16:18
I've always used Global Advanced Communications as they had some of the best prices, and were always happy with the service. Haven't used them in the last two years since I got Google Fi (no international data roaming fees is fantastic,) but I'd recommend starting there.
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Re: WiFi modem rental - Kansai 2017/5/4 10:21
I was very happy with my unlimited data Pupuru pocket wifi. Never had any hiccups in coverage, and the battery life was exceptional. Most days it lasted with two users connected to it all day with moderate-heavy usage without having to charge it.
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Re: WiFi modem rental - Kansai 2017/5/8 03:57
I only used one provider thus far, but was really happy with them.

I might try something else next time, just to be able to compare. :)
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