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4 days in Matsumoto 2017/4/30 21:14
I know 4 days is considered too much for Matsumoto, but due to an error in booking by my host in Kyoto, I had to make changes to my itinerary. So I'll be in Matsumoto 18 May to 22nd after leaving Kanazawa and before heading to Kyoto. Using Matsumoto as a base I'm thinking of visiting Kamikochi, Norikura and the Kiso Valley unless there's a better recommendation that doesn't require too much traveling from Matsumoto and then onto to Kyoto on the 22nd.

Thank you,
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Re: 4 days in Matsumoto 2017/5/1 11:44
So your accomodation is already booked? I've spent about 3 days in a stretch at Matsumoto and it is nice enough to relax at. It is a good place for trips to Kiso Valley and Nagano, and for Kamikouchi too though I'd rather stay overnight at Kamikouchi and have the place to myself in the morning.

There are some good restaurants at Matsumoto. The french resturant at the top of the Buena Vista (sp?) hotel is spectacular. The chinese one on the ground level is good, too.
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Re: 4 days in Matsumoto 2017/5/1 16:15
dont worry, matsumoto is a great base for many nice trips. it might turn out to be one of the best things happened to you, since it is not very touristic, and still has a lot of attractions near:
* as already mentioned, kiso valley, but also make following things:
* Daio Wasabi Farm (, nice half a day trip
* Sanbontaki (, if you love marvelous nature
* Shirahone ( for onsen
* Bessho ( also for onsen but also a beautiful temple town
* Obuse ( by foreigners highly underestimated museum town
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Re: 4 days in Matsumoto 2017/5/1 20:35
Lazy Pious and Glimpigumpi, thank you both for your replies.

Yes, my accommodations in Matsumoto is already booked, although I have until the 17th to cancel without penalty and since I don't have to be in Kyoto until the 22nd, I thought Matsumoto would be a nice place where I can easily unwind/relax as Lazy Pious mentions and do some side trips. I don't generally like one-night-ers, but I'll look into doing an overnight in Kamikochi or I can just do it as a long day trip.

Glimpigumpi, awesome links. I too thought it may turn out to be an excellent choice by staying there the 4 days as I'm not one that has to do all the "must-sees" and I can get to enjoy an area like a local after all the day-trippers has left.

Again, thank you both for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

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Re: 4 days in Matsumoto 2017/5/2 05:05
If you can cancel without penalty, I'd cut it back a couple of days and stay a night in say Beshho Onsen and maybe Kamikouchi. While weekends can be lively in Matsumoto, it is very quiet during the week. I really liked the onsen hotel at kamikouchi. The food is awesome.
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