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What is the sweet pink sauce? 2005/4/9 05:35
They serve it to you at Japanese steak houses in the south.It is a sweet pink/orange sauce. It is given at the beginning of the meal along with a ginger sauce for dipping. It appears to have a mayo base. It is not a jelly sauce or sweet and sour sauce. It is great n salads to rice. Recipes accepted!
by Letha Parsley  

. 2005/4/11 02:17
Hi! It sounds good, but no idea. I mean, it could be a kind of creation of the chef.
by TOSHI rate this post as useful

??? 2005/4/13 06:45
I'm not sure,but I guess...
have you tried mix mayo and tomato paste? It become pink and taste sweet. sometimes I saw orange dressing for salad. You can get it in the shop. Kyupii's dressing.
by Nana rate this post as useful

white sauce 2005/6/30 06:03
it is white sauce but i cant find the recipe for it.
by rhonda mcguire rate this post as useful

pink sauce 2005/6/30 08:05
It's probably mayo with ketchup. You can add Tabasco or sriracha or mirin, etc. to taste.

Mayo and shoyu (soy sauce) is another sauce, commonly used for vegetables.
by nanshi rate this post as useful

Here's the recipe 2005/10/12 09:31
Found on by herneoakshield
Serves/Makes:1 1/4 cups

1 cup (225 ml) mayonnaise
3 tbsp (45 ml) white sugar
3 tbsp (45 ml) rice vinegar
2 tbsp (30 ml) melted butter
3/4 tsp (4 ml) paprika
1/3 tsp (2 ml) garlic powder
In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, white sugar, rice vinegar, melted butter, paprika and garlic powder.
Mix well, cover and refrigerate.
This is the shrimp sauce found in Japanese steakhouses. It is sweet and pinkish-orangish in color. You can substitute fat-free mayo, butter, and 0-calorie sugar, and it still tastes great.
by BlitZ rate this post as useful

ginger! 2006/4/30 01:35
I know what you are talking about, and it is amazing! I went to one japanese restaurant and i found that they did not have my favorite sauce! I was so diappointed, and they only had this strong ginger sauce and i asked for what they called a "sweet and sour" sauce. The sweet and sour sauce was very pink...but it wasn't what i had tried. I added a bit of the ginger sauce to the sweet and sour sauce until it reached a "peach" color. I found my suace! It defintly has the ginger kick to it and is amazing!
by Jessica rate this post as useful

Nara 2007/1/8 22:46
from what i have read it called nara, basicall it a mayo and soysauce base with various flavors, i use to work ant one of the resterants thats how i know...

ours i think was
soy scauce
a small bit of wasabi
and garlic....
by kittykat rate this post as useful

pink sauce 2007/2/22 10:39
I too love this sauce and found that 1 cup of mayo, 1 tsp (or more) fresh grated ginger and a a few drops sesame oil makes a sauce very much like the ones in Japanese restaurants.
by rayray rate this post as useful

i just made some 2007/10/30 04:18
i love the sauce also. i like to dip sushi in it. i know it is mayo and spiracha hot chili sauce. i bought the sauce from walmart in the oriental food section. i'm not sure of the amounts or any other ingredients.
by bobbi rate this post as useful

pink sauce recipe 2008/12/17 01:48
you can find the recipe for this or google japanese pink sauce
by grillin rate this post as useful

My tweak on sauce recipe 2009/6/22 08:03
Thanks BlitZ for the pink sauce recipe! I love it. I added a few ingredients and I like it better. Thanks for the base.
2 or 3 tsp. wasabi paste
1 or 2 tsp. ginger powder
and I cut the vinegar to 2 or
2 1/2 tbsp.
by loraccooks62 rate this post as useful

OJ 2010/2/17 02:37
At our local Japanese steakhouse the shrimp/white sauce was wonderful. I asked the chef of our hibachi grill and he said it was mayo and oj. Don't remember any thing else but definitely had OJ in it.
by Marnie (guest) rate this post as useful

Re : What is the sweet pink sauce? 2010/2/18 13:25
Chinese sweet pink sause recipe : Try it and enjoy the taste ...

Ingrediants :
1 cup of mayonnaise,
1 cup of chili sauce,
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce,
1 tsp. horseradish,
4 minced onions,
4 minced sprigs of parsley,
1 Tbsp. sugar.

Blend all ingredients together mayo, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, green onions, parsley and sugar. Refrigerate.

Now serve very tasty pink sweet sause ...
by samuelcdanny rate this post as useful

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