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Child-Friendly Cat Cafe in Tokyo 2017/5/1 22:24
Are there any Cat Cafes you can recommend that would also allow my 7 year old daughter to go in with us? Almost any area in Tokyo is OK with us. Of course we would prefer one where the cats were interactive, and that there were a sufficient number for the size of the cafe and number of customers.

Both Cat Cafe Nekorobi and Nekobukuro allow children, but most of the reviews I read about them were not positive.

Thank you for any help and advice that you can provide.
by John711 (guest)  

Re: Child-Friendly Cat Cafe in Tokyo 2017/5/7 20:05
Here are rankings by a man who visited more than 50 cat cafes in Tokyo (Neko Cafe Meister).

On the list, I have read on 2, 3, 7, and 9.

2. Ekoneko @ Ekoda

3. Yahoneko @ Yaho

7. Nyanny @ Akihabara

9. Tamaneko @ Tama

It seems Yahoneko should satisfy all your requirements.
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Re: Child-Friendly Cat Cafe in Tokyo 2017/5/7 22:00

Thank you so very much. After four days with no response here, I was about to give up. We leave in less than 2 days. Yahoneko looks fantastic. The photos look great, and it is easy to get to. I've been to Tachikawa a few times, so Yaho station is easy to get to, and the map provided by Yahoneko, as well as photos of the doorway, make it even easier to find .

I am so happy and excited to read about Yahoneko. When I first showed her some videos of cat cafes, she really got excited. Then I found out that most did not allow children. Oops.

It's close to Tama Center, too, just in case my daughter still has any interest in Hello Kitty and Sanrio Puroland.

Now I'll check out the rest of your detailed suggestions.

Thank you again. I deeply appreciate your kindness.
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Re: Child-Friendly Cat Cafe in Tokyo 2017/5/14 22:25
We went to Yahoneko and it was very nice. Later, a large family came in, and they brought their own cat toys -- probably with catnip. The cats went wild, and ignored everyone else. So, that's one of the secrets to having the most fun. Then that family bought some cat food, and the cats went wild again. So, that''s tip #2.

It was a great experience, so thanks to Luisjp again.
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