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Tax Refund Receipts 2017/5/7 12:06
Done some shopping in Tokyo and has some tax refund receipts stapled into my passport. However , I have forgotten to return them at the Tax Refund Counter at the airport. What should I do? Will I encounter any difficulties at the customs when I visit Tokyo again?
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Re: Tax Refund Receipts 2017/5/20 10:23
If you could come back to Japan before the due date, just do the procedures when you leave from Japan then.

If not, two cases.

If you have paid the tax added price, just give up the refund.
If you have paid the tax reduced price, you would have to pay a fine for the tax evasion.
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Re: Tax Refund Receipts 2017/5/30 17:26
Hi Luisjp,

I have already got the tax refund for the things that I have bought . It is not tax evasion as I have already brought the items out of Japan. What I am referring is that my purchase receipts are still stapled in my passport. And I have missed out removing the receipts from my passport and handle them to the tax refund counter at the airport.

Thank you,
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Re: Tax Refund Receipts 2017/5/31 07:09
Then, I would remove the receipts from the passport. I would throw them away, or I might drop at the Tax Refund Counter to return the receipts. The officer would just throw them in the dustbin right away, though.
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