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Visiting Tojinbo cliff from Kanazawa 2017/5/8 00:35

I'll like to visit Tojinbo Cliffs on my upcoming trip in mid May, travelling with my elderly mom.
(From Kanazawa to Fukui (Tojinbo Cliffs) to Osaka).

How do I get to the Cliffs?

I read that the Fukui station have more luggage lockers then Awaraonsen station as I have a big luggage with me, so I will travel from Kanazawa to Fukui instead of Awaraonsen.

I'm trying to find the bus timetable from Mukiniminato station to Tojinbo and back, so that i can catch the train to Osaka.

How long should I plan for this attraction?

How much will a taxi cost from Mukiniminato station to Tojinbo?

Would appreciate if someone could help provide the information.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Visiting Tojinbo cliff from Kanazawa 2017/5/8 19:24
I wrote a post describing my visit there a couple of years back - there are links in the text leading to train-bus transfer timetables for both Mikuni Station and Mikuni-Minato Station:


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