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Osaka - Yukata Robe Store 2017/5/9 17:01
It's my last day in Japan and I never bought the lightweight cotton Yukata robe I wanted; you know the kind you get at ryokan's or onsens. I saw one at the beginning of the trip at the outdoor market in Asakusa, Tokyo and sadly did not buy it.

Right now I am in Osaka off the Namba stop and we fly out tomorrow.

Does anyone know where I can get a Yukata robe??? I like the simple ones in white with a black or white with navy in geometric pattern or delicate repetitive pattern.

Hope someone can help!!

thank you!

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Re: Osaka - Yukata Robe Store 2017/5/9 22:20
Unfortunately, you've waited a bit too long to post to get a good reply. I've never seen the kind you're looking for at regular kimono stores, only at used places like Book Off's Off House brand store, which may or may not have it, or bought directly from a ryokan. Your best bet at this point is to return home and look for it online. Sites like ichiroya.com sometimes get them in, and you may also be able to email them directly and request they look for one.
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