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View of Kumamoto castle 2017/5/13 22:03
What is the best location to observe and take photo of the Kumamoto castle? Is it worth to go there to see the castle?
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Re: View of Kumamoto castle 2017/5/14 10:50
There are many good places to take a photo. It is a huge castle. So, it also depends on what part you want to photograph. For a bird's view, I recommend the top floor of the Kumamoto City Hall. For photos of the main keep, I recommend the Kato Shrine, but note that the main keep will be covered in scaffolding until January 2019.

In any case, currently it is best to walk around the closed-off grounds. It takes about 30 minutes (not including stops). There are many good spots to photograph the various parts of the castle.

Is it worth it? Depends on the person. It is definitely worth it if you are interested in castles because it is a very rare opportunity to be view a damaged castle. If you have a special relation to Kumamoto and/or its castle, it is also highly recommended. If you happen to be in the area anyway, I would also recommend to drop by. On the other hand, if you have never seen a Japanese castle before, then it is probably not the best choice.
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