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Mt. Tsurugi from Tsurugigozen hut 2017/5/15 21:52
Hi there,

My partner and I are hoping to climb Mt. Tsurugi in mid-October if the weather allows it. Unfortunately, Kenzansou hut will be closed by then, therefore we are staying in Tsurugigozen hut the night before the hike.

Will it be possible to start early and climb Mt Tsurugi (with minimal gear), come back to the hut, pick up our bags and head off to Murodo and to Tateyama, all in one day? We would be staying in Toyama that night.

Thank you!
by James C (guest)  

Re: Mt. Tsurugi from Tsurugigozen hut 2017/5/16 05:35
You must expect snow fall and blizzard in mid-Oct, proper winter equipment recommended.
Mt Tsurugi is the one of most difficult mountain to climb in JP, even in summer climbing season(Jul - Sep) when there is no snow left.
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Re: Mt. Tsurugi from Tsurugigozen hut 2017/5/16 08:50
Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. We are well aware that conditions are more likely to be bad enough that we cannot make the attempt without winter climbing equipment. If this is the case, we won't make the attempt. We MAY make it a circuit walk around Mt Tate back to Murodo station.

Any idea what conditions were like last year in mid October?

I was at Kamikochi hiking in late October last year and it was superb weather. Possibly rare conditions I understand.

Kind regards,
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Re: Mt. Tsurugi from Tsurugigozen hut 2017/5/17 04:07
It depends on the weather condition but if you can leave Tsurugigozen hut before 4:00 am, I think you can back there by early afternoon, then you can off to Tateyama.
The majority of climbers in mid-Oct leave hut after 7:00 am because of darkness and low temperature.
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