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Looking for second hand guitar (Tokyo) 2017/5/16 11:41
I'm thinking of getting myself a guitar so that I will have something to do during my leisure time. I've no experience in guitar whatsoever. Where can I find secondhand guitar in Tokyo, perhaps acoustic ones. What is the estimation for the price of used guitar?
by Black Joker  

Re: Looking for second hand guitar (Tokyo) 2017/5/17 09:21
The only place I can think of off the top of my head is the chain, Hard Off. They sell used hardware, appliances, instruments, electronics, etc. There is one in Akihabara. The other Tokyo locations look like they are a little further out towards Hachioji.
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Re: Looking for second hand guitar (Tokyo) 2017/5/18 12:25
You can check out this website. I think Ochanomizu has lots of shops which sell second hand musical instruments.
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