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When to see tattooed guys at Sanja? 2017/5/17 04:28
Hi guys,
Which is the best day to catch the tattoed dudes at the Sanja - on the Saturday 100 mikoshi parade or on the main parade day on Sunday - or are they around on both days?
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Re: When to see tattooed guys at Sanja? 2017/5/25 07:48
There are two types of Mikoshis in Sanja Matsuri. Hundred Chonai Mikoshis starts to move at noon on Saturday (20 May, this year). Three Honsya Mikoshis (Miyadashi) as early as 6:00 AM on Sunday (21 May).

Seventy percents of Mikoshi associations are said to be under controls by Boryokudan, such as Asakusa Takahashigumi and Yamaguchigumi. From 2015, no Irezumi (tattooed) persons should carry Mikoshis. But it appears to be a cat-and-mouse game between Yakuza and police.

Miyadashi should be carried by Ujiko (from Shrines), but it seems Yakuza prefers to early mornings. So, there would be many tattooed people on the both days.
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