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unscented toilet paper 2017/5/18 09:25
Is it possible to find good quality unscented toilet paper in Tokyo? If so where and what brands? Even when it says unscented if you actually smell the toilet paper it has a scent. Go figure.
by Abby7  

Re: unscented toilet paper 2017/5/18 19:32
Well, the toilet paper I've been using for years is unscented as newspaper or copy paper, but what is your definition of "good quality"? Everyone has different preferences. I prefer single-layered rolls made of recycled paper. I find that recycled paper ones are truly unscented. Or at least they smell like paper and not like artificial flowers.
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Re: unscented toilet paper 2017/7/21 11:51
Thanks. I agree about recycled paper. Might not be the softest but it is definitely unscented.
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Re: unscented toilet paper 2017/7/21 21:45
I think normal toilet paper is all unscented here. But it is very, very thin. I personally like it, but when my parents visited they wanted a multi-layer toilet paper, something really soft and it was not easy to find. (Well, we didn't really find it)
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