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Learning Japanese textbooks in braille 2017/5/18 18:41
Um... actually I've read some threads asking about how can they get Japanese braille written books. However, I didn't find any that asks about learning Japanese textbooks written in braille so if anyone knows how can I get them online or even if they exist I appreciate your help.
If there were none, is it possible to request some in the Kinokuniya library (because we have it in my city but it is a bit so far therefore I can not ask them).
Thank you in advance...
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Re: Learning Japanese textbooks in braille 2017/5/27 18:54
So, you want to learn Japanese using a textbook written in Unified English Braille?

Have you tried this:
or read this:

Here is a list of contact points of Kinokuniya stores.

How about Amazon or others?
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Re: Learning Japanese textbooks in braille 2017/5/28 14:47
I don't quite understand your question, but maybe the Japan Braille Library can help you.

In any case, you can have almost any educational book translated to Braille, and there are volunteers that can handle Braille of various languages. Perhaps there is a similar service available in the country you're living at.
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