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Koala cookies? 2017/5/19 17:50
Sorry for what probably is a silly question.... got a last minute request to bring back Koala cookies. We're flying back to the US this coming Monday and the easiest would be if Koala cookies are sold at one of the shops in the International terminal at Narita airport. Does anybody happen to know?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
by Dutch Ann  

Re: Koala cookies? 2017/5/20 18:26
I didn't see them at Narita 2 this past week but they are one of my daughters favourite snacks in Japan- every 7-11 and grocery store we go into has them- easy to find- also often the large pharmacy shops also have good priced snacks... strawberry, chocolate, vanilla can't go wrong with any of them.
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Re: Koala cookies? 2017/5/20 23:14
There are several combini at Narita Airport include 7-11, Lawson, Mini Stop, Family Mart, other include ANA FESTA, FASORA Drug stores where you can possibly find koala cookies.

There are three terminals at Narita, all International terminals.

Do you mean Haneda International Terminal where you are looking for Koala cookies? Haneda International Terminal also has a Lawson combini called "Air Lawson" opens for 24 hours.
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Re: Koala cookies? 2017/5/21 09:01
Thank you, Jojo and Tokyofriend48, for your reply.
Our last day schedule doesn't leave much time for shopping, so I was hoping to find the koala cookies at the airport. We will be leaving from terminal 1 at Narita and with Tokyofriend48 mentioning several conbinis at Narita I will keep my fingers crossed I will find them somewhere.
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Re: Koala cookies? 2017/5/21 15:22
Product name is Lotte's "Koala's March"(コアラのマーチ).
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Re: Koala cookies? 2017/5/24 00:48
I did find the Koala cookies at Narita airport :-))
There is a drugstore (FASORA) before going through security and they had them, two different flavors even.
Thanks everybody for your comments and help, much appreciated!
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