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Tax free shopping on working holiday visa 2017/5/19 20:09
Am I eligible for tax-free shopping if I am here for under 6 months, on a working holiday visa, and currently working in Japan?

I'm getting different answers from all over the place. Some stores have told me that I am not and others have said that I can. Even after Googling, some sites say I can't if I'm working and others say it's fine as long as I leave within 6 months. Maybe a change in the law/rules has been made recently?

My friend, who is also on a WHV, ended up buying a tax free item at a store that thought it was allowed and stamped his passport. What will happen at customs if it turns out that he's not eligible for the tax-free item? Will he just need to pay the 8% or will there be an additional fine for trying to do this?
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Re: Tax free shopping on working holiday visa 2017/5/20 09:52
Tax free is only available for temporary visitor visa for stay up to 90 days, or if you extend for further days for certain countries.
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