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Mimuroto-ji hydrangaes, Kyoto 2017/5/21 00:40
I would like to visit the Mimuroto-temple Oˎ in June to see the hydrangaes.
Understand there ia a daytime viiewing option and the evening illumination one.

Which one should I go for ? Any recommendations.

Also, does anyone know the shuttle bus timetable between the Keihan Mimurodo station and the temple ?
for both evenings and daytime visits.

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Re: Mimuroto-ji hydrangaes, Kyoto 2017/5/21 14:09
I hear the evening time viewing, which is only on the selected weekends in June, is very crowded. If you do not like to be in a crowd, day time will be better. You also need to take taxi or drive there, as there will be no bus services after 7 pm. The special bus by Keihan for 2017 season is not yet released.
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Re: Mimuroto-ji hydrangaes, Kyoto 2017/5/27 19:31
Thanks mayu2017.

Yeah, I reckon it would be very crowded if I go there in the evening as it is sort of a special event.
How long do think I will need at the temple for this ?
Is the temple is within walking distance to Uji keihan train station ?

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