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Crime in Tokyo? 2005/4/11 05:21
Is it dangerous for a European to walk around alone in Tokyo? Day/Night?
by The Dane  

... 2005/4/11 08:04
No, crimewise it is not dangerous at all. The biggest danger is, as in most places,
the traffic around you, i.e. cars and bicycles.
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What about Osaka? 2005/4/11 11:12
Thanks for the answer. What about Osaka? Any parts to avoid? Or any time of day?
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. 2005/4/11 14:03
Japan has one of the lowest crimes rates of any developed nation. Unless you're a gangster people like the Yakuza will not bother you.

Its a heck of a lot safer than other cities in the world. I never for once feared for my safety when I was there. I wish I could say for some other places.
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Agree 2005/4/12 00:20
Japan is well-known for having a very low crime rate. That's not to say that it has NO crime, but walking around Japan, even alone, is generally a safe thing to do!

The biggest crime problem I know of right now is theft of unattended baggage at the airport. The Airports are aware of the problem, and are stepping up security to try and help with it.

I can't even remember how many dark alleys my friend and I walked down last time we were there, and never once did we even think or worry that something or someone was going to jump out and get us.

You should be safe on your trip to Japan. I wouldn't worry about it at all!
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safest place to be 2005/4/12 08:20
Yeah i definitely agree with the above comments. Japan is very safe.
I've been to Japan twice, mostly in the Kansai area. and i've never felt unsafe.
But be very careful of the cars, bikes, and motorbikes.
Other than that Japan is there for pure enjoyment, especially if you are a foreighner, particularly if you are black,speaking(typing) from personal experience:)
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crime 2005/4/13 08:52
I also believe the crime rate is low in Tokyo. When I went to Japan, a group of us went to eat at a restaurant. While we were in the gift shop one kid forgot his wallet and went back to the restaurant to find it. He ended up getting lost and we couldn't find him anywhere. Our group then took the subway back to the hotel and some adults were working on finding him. 2 hours later he showed up at the hotel. The man he was with had helped him find the right subway back to the hotel. This just shows how nice people in Japan are.
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Crime dosn't pay! 2005/4/13 10:39
It sounds too good to be true.. with Sake and all!!!

There must be SOME violent crime and robberies?
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experiences 2005/4/13 13:12
Well, burglars entered my flat (ground floor) two months ago. They were very professional. Knew that the house has an alarm so they stayed only 5 minutes, going for those places where valuables are usually hidden. I don't have any jewelry, so they left almost empty-handed, stealing my CD- and MD-Players and my beloved leather biking jacket. My neighbours tell me this was the first burglary in the neighborhood they heard of.

Also, last week my (female, Japanese) colleague was the victim of violent theft last week. A man on a bike raced past and grabbed her handbag. She fell obviously and suffered serious bruises in addition to the loss of money, credit and ID cards.
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. 2005/4/13 14:46
Bobby, yes there is crime, and yes there are serious crimes done, stabbings, murders, etc.

But STATISTICALY, crime is low and things remain relativly safe compared to other places.
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Yes there is crime 2005/4/13 15:59
crime is everywhere, I was once attacked about 4 months ago by a group of KIDS.They were high on drugs in my opinon. They seemed to be hype up on methanphetimeme. I was walking home from a local bar and was approach by several young guys, My Japanese is not so good but while I was being pumbled I heard the worb "Gaijin" many times.I am not trying to say this is the norm in Japan.But the fact of the matter is I was a victim Of a violent crime so watch out!!!!
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Drugs in Japan? 2005/4/14 07:21
So do alot of Japaneese kids use drugs like in the States and Europe? It dosn't sound like the Japan I have heard about!
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. 2005/4/14 07:54
What is the Japan you heard about and from whome?

Japan has many of the same problems that other nations face.

However the issue at hand in this discussion is how "safe" it is, and I can say that it relatively safe for a tourist to walk around without fear as the OP was asking.
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Bobby 2005/4/14 20:23
The drug comment I made was as I said "In my opion" they could have been completly straight.I also stated I was coming from a pub so I may have been an easy target.I will say that once I started to fight back and make some noise they took off. Nothing was actually stolen from me but i did lose some jewlery in the stuggle.At no time did anyone try to take my wallet or demand anything from me.
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Dodgy 2007/12/14 05:32
I've been dreaming of going to harajuku for ages because i love the daring fashions !I told my mum though and she told me not to go because organ theft is a massive crime over there ?? Im ot sure whether this is true or whether she was just trying to stop me from obsessing about things but it certainly did ruin my fantasising :s
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Dodgy 2007/12/14 09:03

Organ theft!? Are you serious? If you managed to post here, then presumably you have an internet connection, so why not do a web search and see how many news articles you can find reporting organ theft in Japan?
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... 2007/12/14 09:39
Organ theft anywhere is more urban legend than reality.

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organ theft???!!! 2007/12/14 10:21
I have been to Harajuku more than a hundred times, and lived in Tokyo almost 10 years and still have all my organs. Organ theft is not a big problem anywhere, much less in Japan.

Ask your mother whether she really believes that or whether she was joking.
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. 2007/12/14 10:27
Organ theft in Harajuku? Who could even think of such a thing.
Seriously, Harajuku is quite safe, lots of people there, so no one will be able to cut you open and take somke of your organs without a huge crowd noticing. ;)

Besides, you can live with only onle kidney or only one lung just fine. ^^
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harajuku 2007/12/14 15:20
Harajuku is a nice, trendy town with many designers'shops. Lots of artists and designers love to open thier shops there not because they want to make lots of money but they want to challenge their artistic sense. There is a main street (with lots of zelkova trees) called Omote-sando which is the front approach to Meiji Shrine.
People walking there look very decent and fashinable.
So now you see what the town of harajuku is like.
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