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Gift ideas for Akira 2017/5/25 07:32
AKIRA is a japanese singer and fashion model for Kera Magazine. She came to Anime Matsuri 2017, I'm a big fan and was very happy to meet her, but I had no idea you could give her gifts. But I just found out she's coming to Anime Matsuri 2018, so I would like to give an appropriate gift. I want to give her something that won't make it akward or embarass her as you can give gifts during an autograph session at the convention center whilst being watched by a crowd of people huddled around her. I was thinking maybe some flowers but as you can see, I'm truly clueless and decided to seek advice.
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Re: Gift ideas for Akira 2017/5/26 02:18
Flowers seem nice. How about a drawing of her drawn by you?
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Re: Gift ideas for Akira 2017/6/10 07:49
Why not buy her something that can fit in her hand, most likely, something she can carry home. I say something western and vintage, clothing dress, or something she can toy with or something she can look at and show to friends when they are visiting her home.

Good luck
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