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Things to do with an informal tutor 2017/5/25 15:43
Hi guys.
Can I ask an informal tutor on ITalki to teach me:
Read a manga from a Japanese free manga website and teach me from there(
Help me translate my English written story into Japanese(
Do a scene role to practice for any situation(
Write a Japanese essay or story with me(
Teach me vocabulary for different things(
Help me understand the light novel I bought?
Is she going to say something like. "I'm here only to practice conversations.". or something on those lines?. (She's kind as I saw in her video introduction.)
by Chokohime  

Re: Things to do with an informal tutor 2017/5/26 00:03
Why not ask her those questions?
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Re: Things to do with an informal tutor 2017/5/26 00:13
It seems like it's my only choice, since my trial lesson is gonna be tomorrow early in the morning.
I was so anxious because it's my first time after all. And I'm not the kind of person whose so sociable.
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