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Driving around Yoshino 2017/5/25 22:56
Hi All,

Just a bit of a question for people who have been to Yoshino before. At present, I've hired a car for a couple of days and am considering driving to Yoshino.

For those who have visited, is the road in the general Yoshino area (where all the temples/shrines are) reasonably accessible? Did you notice any parking?

Some places I've visited are very set up for driving tourists, some not so much. I'm planning to visit mid week during late June so rain is not the biggest of problems (unless there is a Typhoon - even though I know it's a bit too early in the season then normally)....

I would normally drop my car off at the bottom of the mountain and walk up and back, but I'm a bit pressed for time of this day which is why I'm considering driving to save time....
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Re: Driving around Yoshino 2017/5/26 12:29
Train enough.
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Re: Driving around Yoshino 2017/5/26 20:37
Considering the locations of the shrines and temples located along the narrow road, I recommend to walk around after parking car near Yoshino-guchi station.
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Re: Driving around Yoshino 2017/5/26 23:14
Thanks for the link - the Japanese side of the website had the exact answer I was looking for. It's possible but does not look advisable.
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