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Mount Hakodate in winter? 2017/5/26 02:09
I love night pictures, therefore taking a picture over mount Hakodate at night would be great. Do you think I will have big problem in winter? is it very windy? I use tripod to take pictures
by Peter1986  

Re: Mount Hakodate in winter? 2017/5/26 11:08
It can be very windy, but when it is, the ropeway won't be running. The road to the top is closed in winter so your only option is the ropeway or a trail. It can also be very cold and windy at the top even when it is running. The main problem I have taking pictures in winter is cold batteries, so I keep some spares in a pocket to keep them warm to swap out when the ones in the camera go cold dead.
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Re: Mount Hakodate in winter? 2017/5/26 12:04
Too early, it's too nervous :)

After snow fall is the best bc city lights will be more blight.
Also regular weekday btw evening rush until around 19:00,too.

Need good winter wear(top to bottom),
often under 0/32F but wind strong or not is not fixed.
Watch weather forecast carefully.

No need any special measures for the camera or tripod
(condensation of the lens is easy to do, but)
bc it will not go down to the temp that can a nail hit in a banana :)
I will not freeze soap bubbles, but experiments of "supercooled water" may be possible.
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Re: Mount Hakodate in winter? 2017/5/30 03:38
The last time we were there on a winter night, it was so cold, mainly due to the strong strong wind. We can barely last 5 minutes in the open. Prepare thick clothing, hoodie, and face mask.
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